Learn How to Sublet Your Apartment

Subletting Can Be a Great Solution


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When life hands you a basket of lemons but no ideas how to make lemonade, the best way is to improvise. If you suddenly get the job you were always hoping for with the whole package including the right salary and other benefits, moving might still seem like a drag. Also, renting a place does not always happen smoothly so people can be reluctant to make a move especially in school. However, there is a solution. You can sublet your place. It is a process carrying a set of risks, but with a little bit of guidance and dedication, you will be able to be more flexible with moving without breaking the lease. Here are the things you should take into account when subletting your flat or house.

Speak to your landlord

The first step is to read up on the possibilities of subletting in the first place. Many landlords mention it in the tenancy agreement you sign and most do not permit subletting. However, you should sit down with your landlord and explain the situation you are in and ask if the landlord is willing to negotiate. Offer to help your landlord find new tenants to make it easier even if you still have to pay rent till a new lease is in place.

Even if your landlord allows subletting, you should ask for the permission in writing, so you have proof in case anything goes wrong. Once that is done you can then move on.

Get to know the potential room mate candidates

Finding new tenants can be easier or harder depending on the area you live in and the season. If you are not sure where to start, ask friends or family if they know anybody who is searching for a place. Another alternative is to post an advertisement online.

Be descriptive on the advertisement. Include the little details that seem to be visible. Be specific about the dates apartment or house becomes available and offer easy ways to contact you. You might need to reduce the rent you ask the subletting person to pay if you are on a time constraint.

Make sure to meet people. Invite them to come and see the place, ask about their habits and make sure they will pay rent on time.

Ask them about their occupation and income as well as the reasons for searching a short-term accommodation. Ask about children and pets since some landlords don’t allow one or both. Ask about their habits as well such as if they plan on having guests staying over. Make sure to answer all questions they might have to the best of your ability.

Make sure to sign an rental agreement

Even if you are lucky with the first try, a written agreement is still a significant document you should sign. There are options already written you can print out from the internet, and on most occasions, they are free unless you go to a lawyer to have it custom designed.

Be clear about any security deposit you require. Most landlords return the deposit as soon as the lease runs out. However, if your subletter pays a deposit, you have money that could cover any damage they do to the property since otherwise, it will be your expense.

Make sure you are following the laws and regulations of your state. There are laws in place that protect the tenant over the subletter and that way you can evict people if they are not complying with the agreement. This should also be clear to the subletter in case of any questions and uncertainty.

In the end, once all the paperwork is signed, and everything else is agreed upon, let the subletter know when they can move in. There should also be contact information available for them in case something goes wrong. It includes you, maintenance services and agrees how the rent should be paid and where.

This arrangement could be the perfect solution for you and the person you your place till your lease is up and its time to buy your own home.